Updated February 13, 2013

Professional 16mm* film-to-digital transfers are now available from Tom Stathes' Cartoons On Film.
Using a modern 1-CCD Tobin TVT-16 telecine (which replaces the old Elmo TRV-16 last produced in the 1980s), we produce extremely pleasing and accurate transfers with ease and for a low price.

Technical notes and a photo of the TVT-16 can be found at the Tobin website.


  • Film transfer: $0.10 per foot (15fps or 24fps, sound or silent, color or b&w);
    $20 minimum per job
  • DVD authoring and configuration: $5.00 per disc used, 120 minutes per disc
  • DVD chapters: $0.50 per titled chapter
  • DVD case: $1.00 each
  • Copies of final product with case: $5 each

    Related services:
  • Splices, perforation repairs, etc.: $1.00 per repair made to film
  • Adding leaders: $2.00 per leader (note: leader is blank film added to the beginning of a reel, end of a reel, or in between conjoined films to lessen the chance of footage being damaged).

  • Buyer must pay return shipping, which will be based on what buyer paid to ship film to COF. For example, if buyer spends $10.00 sending in materials, buyer must pay an additional $10.00 for the return shipping of the films and completed product.


  • The Tobin TVT-16 gives a realistic reproduction of your film in its current state. We are unable to tweak, fix, or eliminate any pre-existing color degradation, sound flaws, print damage, lines, or any other problems that your film may have (both originally, and/or due to age or mishandling through the years). Some problems like color fading and sound flaws may be corrected in Final Cut Pro under the Pro transferring service at additional fees.
  • To initiate a film transfer, please contact us with your information via the Orders page on this site. We will try to help you if you're unsure of the type or amount of film you have.

    * At present, we are unable to transfer standard 8mm, Super 8, 35mm or any other format of reel-to-reel film.