Updated June 26, 2015


  • (June 26, 2015) Check out reviews of our exciting new Cartoon Roots Blu-ray/DVD: here, here, and here! (And of course, you can buy Cartoon Roots here and here.)

  • (October 6, 2014) We're back—tonight at 6:45 PM Pacific/9:45 PM Eastern, Turner Classic Movies presents 100th Anniversary of Bray Studios, hosted by Tom Stathes! We've got Koko the Clown, Bobby Bumps, Judge Rummy, and Krazy Kat; rare shorts including Dinky Doodle Lost and Found (1926), Col. Heeza Liar Detective (1923), and the original documentary, How Animated Cartoons Are Made (1919). Read Tom's liner notes at Cartoon Research and see TCM's own write-up here!
    Meanwhile, our first-ever Blu-ray—Cartoon Roots—features classic shorts from both of our TCM specials... and a whole lot more!

  • (October 6, 2014) It's moving day! Our Cartoon Carnival and 16mm Transfers pages have migrated to Tom Stathes' new umbrella site, tommyjose.com—while you'll now find the Blog at Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research. Take a look... you know you want to.

  • (July 27, 2013) Tonight! Animation Block Party and Tom Stathes collaborate to present an early evening of funny, rare, and historically significant New York Animation at BAMcinematek! Come see Bray's The Artist's Dream (1913), Messmer's Felix the Cat Trips Thru Toyland (1925), Terry's Farmer Al Falfa Sees New York (1916) and more. Then stick around for a Q&A session led by ABP's Casey Safron, featuring Tom Stathes, animators/historians Howard Beckerman and Greg Ford, and historian David Gerstein. (Check out the event's Facebook page, too.)

  • (December 1, 2012) Christmas comes but once a year, and we're bringing lots of joy and cheer with a Cartoon Carnival! Find us at LaunchPad Friday, December 21 at 8 PM for an evening of winter and Yuletide-themed animated classics! See the event's Facebook page for more information.

  • (October 21, 2012) The big date is here—tonight at 9 PM Pacific/12 PM Eastern, Turner Classic Movies presents Silent Era Animation From the Collection of Tom Stathes! Join us for star turns with Bobby Bumps and Jerry On the Job; pioneering shorts including Bray's Artist's Dream (1913); Farmer Al Falfa's long-lost debut in Down On the Phoney Farm (1915) and more! Check out Tom's complete "liner notes" on his latest blogpost and an exciting screenshot gallery at Jerry Beck's Cartoon Brew.
    Then explore Rare Animation on TCM—the evening-long event of which our show is a part—and this special message from Jerry about why animation on TCM is important.

  • (May 18, 2012) It's time for another Cartoon Carnival! Coming June 8—the Obscura Society sponsors "Made in NYC," our latest big night show of rarities, discoveries, and politically incorrect hijinks!

  • (June 1, 2011) "A Bray a day, it's the only way." You've seen the mottos around our site—and now it's time to share much more of our exciting research into this vintage silent era cartoon factory. Visit our new sister site, the Bray Animation Project, for limitless artists' dreams, historians' finds, Bobby Bumps and Quacky Doodles.

  • (February 3, 2011) Fox News Latino thinks we've got the biggest-ever collection of early animation! We're not 100% sure, but our founder likes the spotlight anyway. Check out Fox's broadcast here.

  • (August 21, 2010) The Tom Stathes Cartoon Carnival is going places. All over the world, in fact—with Travelaffs, our latest classic film show with Cinebeasts in Long Island City, New York. Read more on our blog; prepare for Ace of Spades—our newly-uncovered Fleischer "re-premiere"—and RSVP on our Facebook event page.

  • (January 2, 2010) We're in print! Stop Motion Magazine has just published a new interview with our founder, Tom Stathes, on the occasion of Stop Motion Matinee's release. Get the lowdown in issue 3 (PDF download).

  • (November 24, 2009) Stop Motion Matinee is now shipping! Check out our this blogpost for an in-depth look at the new title—and enjoy a video clip here!

  • (October 28, 2009) Long before Gumby, long before Gromit came Chip, Duffy, and Wild Willie—the first madcap models in animation history! We've teamed up with Ray Pointer's Inkwell Images to present Stop Motion Matinee, a spanking new collection highlighting the works of Ladislaw Starewicz and King Kong animator Willis O'Brien. Discover the original clayboys and toy stories. See the featurette-length The Mascot (1933), featuring the unforgettable Devil's Ball. Return with us to a simpler time when furniture walked and bugs were adulterers (wait a minute... simpler?)
    It's a Stop Motion Matinee... and you're invited!

  • (October 5, 2009) We're proud to distribute Silent Cartoon Frolics, a new collection from our friend Craig Davison. And just in time for Halloween, we're featuring a brand-new package for our Tom Stathes Halloween Cartoon Reel. It's a real boneshaker!

  • (September 25, 2009) "A Bray a day..." Our favorite silent era production house, Bray Studios, featured distinctive slogans throughout its old-time product catalogs. Look around this site to find some—did you read them all?


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